Everyone's Kitchen

Everyone's Kitchen

Other name: 모두의 주방 Moduui Jubang Social Dining


The program mainly focuses on "Social Dining", which is what was lacking a lot following an increase in small families and single families. Kang Ho Dong, the main protagonist of the show, has only been eating together with friends he knew for many years throughout his entertainment career and thought he has been tired of it. He rarely had meals together with other casts of his other programs. He attempts to reunite with his old friends and get to know new friends through his own cooking.

The casts and guests invited for this program mostly have experience in cooking or living alone and they will each whip up a dish based on their own recipe(s) that they want to share.

Starting from episode 4, there is a semi-fixed segment in the program titled "Kkura Show", which besides allowing Sakura Miyawaki to strengthen her Korean, she can get to learn hosting, variety skills and interviewing skills under the guidance of Kang Ho Dong.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Variety;

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