Dino Lee (1993)

Dino Lee (1993)

Other Name: 李玉璽 李玉玺 Lee Yu Hsi Lee Yuk Sai Lee Yu Xi Li Yu Xi Dino Li Li Dino Lee Dino Дино Ли

Age: 31

Birthday: March, 31, 1993

Nationality: Taiwan

Height: 182 CM

Lee Yu Hsi, also known as Dino Lee, is a Taiwanese singer, composer, musician and actor. He debuted in 2015 through the film "Our Times" playing Ouyang Fei Fan. The following year he made his television debut as a man character while portraying Jiang Zhi Shu in "Miss in Kiss".

He has released several songs including songs from the soundtracks of "Bromance", "Prince of Wolf" and "Miss in Kiss".

Active Years: 2015 - now

Occupation: actor

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