Our Times (2015)

Our Times (2015)

Other name: 我的少女時代 Wo De Shao Nu Shi Dai The Era of My Girl Teens My Girl's Generation


Lin Zhen Xin is an ordinary office worker who gets ridiculed by her subordinates. Dejected, she listens to a cassette recording of an old Andy Lau song. This brings her back to her high school days, where she was an ordinary high school girl. She has a crush on Ouyang Fei Fan, the school's most popular male student.

One day, Zhen Xin receives a chain letter, warning her of impending doom if she does not pass the message on. Naively, she passes it on to Hsu Tai Yu, the school's notorious gangster boss, her maths teacher, and Tao Min Min, the school's most popular girl. While Tai Yu was reading the letter, he gets injured in a car accident. After weeding out the letter's sender, the angry Tai Yu makes Zhen Xin his 'friend' and forces her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Fei Fan alone, thus making her his errand-girl.

Director: Frankie Chen [陳玉珊] and Chen Yu Shan [陈玉珊]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; Romance; School; Youth;

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