Kawaguchi Haruna (1995)

Kawaguchi Haruna (1995)

Other Name: 川口春奈 かわぐち はるな 가와구치 하루나 Haruna Kawaguchi Кавагути, Харуна ฮารูนะ คาวางูจิ هارونا كاواجوتشي

Age: 29

Birthday: February, 10, 1995

Nationality: Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan

Height: 166 CM

Kawaguchi Haruna is a Japanese actor and model born in Goto, Japan. She began modeling in the mid-2000s, appearing in the youth fashion magazine "Nicola". She then went on to make her TV acting debut in the series “Tokyo Dogs” in 2009.

In 2022, she was called as the "CM Queen" for having 21 brands assigned to her, the highest number for a woman in that year and also, in 2023, she retained the title for having 25 companies assigned to her. Often associated with fashion houses, she signed a contract with FENDI to be its Japan Brand Ambassador in 2023.

In 2023, she had her first voice acting role, performing the Japanese voice of Ember, the lead of the Pixar animated film "Elemental".

Haruna opened a YouTube channel called Ha-Channel. In March 2024, ModelPress released the result of the Celebrity YouTube Influence Trend Ranking for 2023 and her YouTube channel, Ha-Channel, was voted 6th place.

Active Years: 2007 - now

Blood Type: B

Member of: Merry merry Boo;

Occupation: Actress; Model;

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