Until I Meet September's Love (2019)

Until I Meet September's Love (2019)

Other name: 九月の恋と出会うまで くがつのこいとであうまで 逆轉時空戀上你 愛在九月來臨前 直到遇见九月之恋 Kugatsu no Koi to Deau Made 9-gatsu no Koi Deau Made


Shiori Kitamura just moved to a new apartment. She works at a company. Susumu Hirano lives next door to her. He aspires to become a novelist. One evening, Shiori Kitamura hears a man’s voice coming through her wall saying "I am in the future 1 year later." The voices asks to trail Susumu Hirano. She is unable to hear the man's voice anymore. To solve the mystery, Shiori Kitamura begins to follow Susumu Hirano and she gets attracted to him.

Director: Yamamoto Toru [山本透]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Fantasy; Romance;

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