Ito Shiro (1937)

Ito Shiro (1937)

Other Name: 伊東四朗 伊藤輝男 いとう しろう いとう てるお ベンジャミン伊東 Shiro Ito Ito Teruo Teruo Ito Benjamin Ito

Age: 87

Birthday: June, 15, 1937

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 180 CM

Ito Shiro is a Japanese comedian, actor, talent, and moderator born in Takecho, Shitaya-ku, Tokyo. He is a consultant to the Japan Comedy Association. He belongs to Orte Planning. His son is actor and talent Ito Takaaki.

After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Ichigaya Commercial High School, he hoped to get a job and had many interviews. In 1958, he got hired as a staff member of the Waseda University Co-op.

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