The Black Leather Notebook (Kurokawa no Techo)

The Black Leather Notebook (Kurokawa no Techo)

Other name: 黒革の手帖 くろかわのてちょう Black Leather Notebook


Haraguchi Motoko works as a temp at a bank. To pay off debt that she inherited from her parents, she also works as a hostess at a club in Ginza. Motoko Haraguchi is finally able to repay the debt.

At this time, there's chatter that the temp employees will be laid off at the bank. Motoko Haraguchi decides to carry out a scheme she has prepared secretly. She transfers money from accounts opened illegally to her bank account. Altogether, Motoko Haraguchi embezzles 180 million yen. Using her “Kurokawa no Techo” (Black Leather Notebook) which has a list of the illegally opened accounts, she fights against bank branch managers and opens a club in Ginza.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama; Suspense;

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