Inagaki Goro (1973)

Inagaki Goro (1973)

Other Name: 稲垣吾郎 いながき ごろう 稻垣吾郎 이나가키 고로 Goro Inagaki Инагаки, Горо โกะโร อินะงะกิ

Age: 51

Birthday: December, 08, 1973

Nationality: Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 176 CM

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Inagaki Goro is a Japanese musician and actor from Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan. Inagaki is a member of the Japanese pop group SMAP. His career began while he was in junior high school, when his sister submitted his picture to a talent company; he was subsequently chosen to join SMAP, which has a considerable following in Japan. Inagaki's first major acting role was in the motion picture "Saraba Itoshino Yakuza", released in 1990. His international film debut was in the romantic comedy "Private Lessons II", playing the male lead role of a Japanese student who falls for his tutor.

In 2001, Inagaki was involved in a dispute with a police officer over a parking ticket; he was arrested under the charge of violating road traffic laws and obstructing the official duty of a police officer. Inagaki was temporarily suspended from all public appearances by his agency, Johnny & Associates, but SMAP itself continued to perform concerts during his suspension. The local police station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in Shibuya Special Ward sent a report to the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office recommending an additional charge of assault. This charge was not upheld by the prosecutor, and Inagaki paid the fine immediately after release.

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