Kirei no Kuni (2021)

Kirei no Kuni (2021)

Other name: きれいのくに 绮丽之国 綺麗之國 Clean The Country of Beauty


Hairdresser Eri and accountant Hiroyuki are a remarried couple in their 40s. The two of them go on trips, enjoy meals, and enjoy an elegant life. The only things Eri is worried about are the slight deterioration of her appearance, the recent sexlessness, and the fact that she has given up having children. Eri has no complaints about her marriage, but she should have. However, a mysterious woman appears in front of Hiroyuki, and the couple encounters a mysterious and unbelievable event.

Seiya, Rin, Reira, Takashi, and Nakayama, who attend the same high school, are childhood friends. Rin is so close that she go to karaoke after school and spend time hanging out all the time, but lately, she's a little awkward because conscious of the opposite sex and appearance. The only difference is that most of the adults around them live in a country with the same face. All the adults walking in the city have the same face of a man and a woman - five people in love in such a world.

One day, Rin and Eri meet at a movie theater.

Original Network: NHK;

Director: Kato Takuya [加藤拓也]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Fantasy; Miniseries;

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