Chae Jong Hyeop (1993)

Chae Jong Hyeop (1993)

Other Name: 채종협 蔡鍾協 チェ・ジョンヒョプ Chae Jong Hyeob Chae Jong Hyub Chae Jong Hyup Чхе Чжон Хёп แช จง-ฮย็อบ

Age: 31

Birthday: May, 19, 1993

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 186 CM

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Chae Jong Hyeop is a South Korean model turned actor managed by YNK Entertainment. Chae made his debut in MBC every1 2016 series "Webtoon Hero - Tundra Show Season 2". Before entering the industry, he studied in South Africa and Thailand. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and hence excluded from mandatory military service.

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