Bando Ryota (1997)

Bando Ryota (1997)

Other Name: 坂東龍汰 ばんどうりょうた 반도 료타 Ryota Bando Бандо, Рёта

Age: 27

Birthday: May, 24, 1997

Nationality: Japan

Height: 175 CM

Bando Ryota is a Japanese actor. He is born in Hokkaido. He works for Dongyu Club Co., Ltd.

Born in New York, he lived there until he was three years old, before moving and growing up in Hokkaido. He attended a school of Steiner education in Hokkaido until he was 18 years old. After starring in a graduation performance, he became an actor by receiving full-scale guidance from a director from Tokyo. In addition, he was also involved in ballroom dancing when he was in high school and has also studied abroad in New Zealand.

After graduating, he wondered if he could work on paintings and photographs as a hobby. So he consulted with Nijiro Murakami, who had the same Steiner education, was recommended to the current office. He was recommended to use his own paintings, photographs, and play, in addition to this resume. After sending them with an animation video, he was hired.

He made his debut in August of 2018 through the audition for the broadcast of Hana pilgrimage Special Edition "Doll of Haruko".

(Source: Wikipedia)

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