Tsugaru Lacquer Girl (2023)

Tsugaru Lacquer Girl (2023)

Other name: バカ塗りの娘 Baka Nuri no Musume


Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. Aoki Miyako, who lives with her father, has not found anything she wants to do after graduating from a local high school. She is working at a supermarket to help her family make ends meet. Helping her father, a Tsugaru lacquerware craftsman, is the only thing she can devote herself to.

However, her father, who succeeded her grandfather, a highly respected Tsugaru-nuri craftsman, loses the will to continue the business as the industry goes into decline, and the family finds itself scattered. The mother left the family because of the poor life and the selfishness of the father, and the elder brother, a hairdresser, chose to live freely instead of taking over the family business. Miyako is unable to openly declare her desire to pursue a career in Tsugaru-nuri, but as she confronts her family and the art of lacquering, she takes on a great challenge.

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Adapted from the novel "Japan Dignity" (ジャパン・ディグニティ) by Takamori Miyuki (髙森美由紀).

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; life; Novel;

Airs: Sep 01, 2023

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