Anna Hollen (1996)

Anna Hollen (1996)

Other Name: 陈昊蓝 陳昊藍 陳藍 陈蓝 Chen Hao Lan Chen Yu Lan Anna Chen Chen Anna Hollen Chen Chen Hollen Анна Чэнь

Age: 28

Birthday: November, 29, 1996

Nationality: Beijing, China

Height: 172 CM

Chen Hao Lan (English name: Anna), born in Beijing, is a Chinese actress and show host. She graduated from the Communication University of China, majoring in broadcasting and hosting. She entered showbiz in 2017 with her participation in the host selection program "Hey, You Are Red" and finally coming in as runner up at the finals. In the same year, she served as the final host of the hip-hop reality show" China Has Hip-Hop".

She debuted in the 2018 fantasy drama "My Assassin Girlfriend".

Active Years: 2017 - now

Occupation: actress

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