Simon Chen (1998)

Simon Chen (1998)

Other Name: 陈俊宇 陳俊宇 Chen Jun Yu Chen Simon Jaydon Chen Chen Jaydon Чэнь Цзюньюй

Age: 26

Birthday: August, 29, 1998

Nationality: China

Height: 181 CM

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Chen Jun Yu (English name: Simon), born in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China, is a singer and an actor. He graduated middle school at "Zunyi No. 11 middle school", and college at "Sichuan Conservatory of Music".

Way back in 2018 while Chen Junyu was still studying music, he took part singing multiple songs in Ge Zan's "One original song a day" and "Ge Zan's Original Diary". To name some, these songs are: Original Diary No.123 "Tears in the Air", Original Diary No.255 "Youth Rewind", Original Diary No.256 "Just Friend", Original Music Selection NO.18 "Story in Story", and more. Also during his college days, he has already opened a business, an escape room in Chengdu with his friends. While being a boss of his escape room, he continued to pursue music and became a trainee under Show City Times company.

In February 2021, Chen Jun Yu participated in the survival show "Youth with You 3" as a trainee along with the other 118 male trainees. His performances during the show include: "Ridiculous", "Forever Love", "Close to You", "Who is The Real MVP", "We Rock"(theme song of the show), "Tou Tou", and "Stop Sugar". Later in April 2021, he got eliminated at the 2nd elimination round after falling 3 ranks behind the cut-off—35th rank (he ranked 38th). Thereon, for some reason, the show got cancelled in May of 2021. Chen Jun Yu was given the name Jaydon temporarily for joining this show. After which, he's back using his name, Simon.

On June 8, 2021, he announced his fandom name: Yuyi, (yu of his name, yi is wings) and the name of his fandom color: Yu Guang Zi (yu from his name, guang means light, zi is purple). On August 29, 2021, the same day of his birthday, he released his first single also his original composition, "Sa Man Yue Guang De Nu Hai" (The Girl drenched in the moonlight), and later in September 2021, he debuted with the group called DREAM4 along with the other 3 members: Xuan Hao, Tang Jia Qi, and Bai Ding. The group released an EP for their debut which consists of 4 songs and 1 MV. And then, this was followed by a release of his 2nd single, "One in a billion" on January 08, 2022. He also got featured on Xu Xin Wen's music video of "The MVP"(August 2021).

Moreover, Chen Jun Yu has been singing OSTs from dramas as well and by far these are: "Ni" from "Yu Jun Xin Dong Shi" (April 2021); "Yuan Lai", that he sang with Niu Yu Kun from the drama that they both starred, "Better a Lie than a Truth" (January 2022); "No regrets", from the drama "To Our Dreamland of Ice" (February 2022); and the end credits song "Yi Jian Yue Guang" of the drama "Love Behind the Melody" (June 2022), that he sang together with Chen Le Yi.

"Better a Lie than a Truth" which was successfully aired in January 2022 marks Jun Yu's acting debut wherein he portrayed Qiao Mu Sheng—the lead role. His acting career continues as this was followed by his 2nd drama called "Decline"wherein he also portrayed the lead role— Su Cheng Xi. And while the latter is yet to be aired, as we speak, Chen Jun Yu is currently working on his 3rd drama called "Melody on Fingertips" and this time he will be portraying the role of Wu Xu— the second lead role.

Active Years: 2021 - now

Weight: 63kg

Occupation: actor

(Sources: Weibo, Twitter, WeChat, and YouTube)

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