Guo Jing Lin (1970)

Guo Jing Lin (1970)

Other Name: 果静林 果靜林 果靖霖 果靜臨 果静临 Го Цзинлинь

Age: 54

Birthday: February, 19, 1970

Nationality: China

Height: 180 CM

Guo Jing Lin, born to a family of workers in Beijing, is a Chinese actor. director and screenwriter. He graduated from the 90th grade performance department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, and is a first-class actor of China National Theatre.

When he was a child, he lived near Beijing Renyi, a theatre hall, where he often saw people from the literary and art circles coming and going, and occasionally went to the backstage to play. He became interested in drama then. At aged 16 while still in high school, Guo went to participate in the recruitment interview for a young actor and was selected. In 1989, he made his debut in his first movie "Pravitich Company".

In 2002, the drama "Violin Falling from a Truck" won the Best Film Award at the San Jose Film Festival in the United States. In 2009, he won the 13th China Film Huabiao Award for Outstanding Actor for his biographical film "Yuan Longping".

In 2011, he won the 13th China Film Performance Society Golden Phoenix Award. The 2013 film "Dog Thirteen" won the special award of the international jury in the new generation "Crystal Bear" section of the Berlin Film Festival. In 2014, he won the National Opera Festival "Outstanding Actor of the Year" Award.

In December 2021, he was awarded the title of the 7th "Beijing Young and Middle-aged Morality and Art Workers".

In 2002, Guo married his childhood sweetheart, Tong Xin. In 2008, Tong was diagnosed with breast cancer, and had to undergo a left mastectomy. She passed on in 2009.

Active years: 1989 - now

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