Pursuit of Light (2022)

Pursuit of Light (2022)

Other name: 追光 为你而来 為你而來 缪伯英 繆伯英 Miao Bo Ying Wei Ni Er Lai Mou Bo Ying Chasing Light For You


Story of Miao Bo Ying, China's first female Communist Party member. It focuses on Miao Bo Ying's fighting in the front line of the labor movement, women's movement and student movement in Beijing, Hunan and Shanghai. It's told from perspective of her husband and also activist, He Meng Xiong.

Director: Dou Qi [斗琪]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Based on True Story; Biography; Drama; Historical; political;

Airs: Sep 15, 2022

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