Zatoichi: The Last Days (2010)

Zatoichi: The Last Days (2010)

Other name: 座頭市 THE LAST 座頭市 ザ・ラスト 最後的座頭市 ざとういち ザ ラスト Zatoichi: Za Rasuto Zatouichi: Za Rasuto Zatouichi: The Last Zatoichi: The Last


Ichi has given up his cane sword and his former life as a traveler in order to settle down with his loving wife Tane in his home village. However, his plan to live the quiet life is interrupted when he learns that the Tendo clan has taken over the village and is constantly harassing locals. Soon, a group of farmers come to Ichi and beg him to help his own village like he’s helped countless other villages in travels.

Director: Sakamoto Junji [阪本順治]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Action; Historical; Martial Arts;

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