Record of Youth (2020)

Record of Youth (2020)

Other name: 청춘기록 青春の記録 青春紀錄 Chungchungirok Cheongchungirok Youth Record A Record of Youth Youth Report The Moment Obrazy z mládí Passarela de Sonhos เส้นทางดาว ذكريات الشباب


Youth Record follows the lives of young people in the world of modeling.

Sa Hye Joon is smart and handsome. He is a nice guy and a popular model, but what he really wants is to become an actor. He has auditioned for many acting roles, but hasn't found success yet. Unfortunately, Sa Hye Joon doesn't have much presence as an actor. Meanwhile, An Jung-Ha works as a make-up artist.

Original Network: Netflix; tvN;

Director: Ahn Gil Ho [안길호]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Family; Fashion; melodrama; Romance; Youth;

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