2037 (2022)

2037 (2022)

Other name: 이공삼칠 소녀 Sonyeo Lee Gong Samchil Yi Gong Samchil The Girl Girl Young Lady


"The brightest encounter found in the darkest place."

19-year-old Yoon Young lives alone with her mother and prepares for the civil service exam while working part-time. She wants to go to school like her friends, but prioritizes her exam and to pass it as soon as possible for the sake of her hearing-impaired mother. Regardless of good heart and sincere will, unexpected incidents turn Yoon Young from a victim to the killer, driving her to prison and being called inmate "2037" instead of "Yoon Young."

In a hopeless situation her co-inmates in Cell No. 12 with their own stories offer a hand of hope to protect Yoon Young...

Director: Mo Hong Jin [모홍진]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama;

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