You and I (1997)

You and I (1997)

Other name: 그대 그리고 나


Park Jae Chul is an old sailor and a father to three sons and one daughter, Dong Kyu (the eldest), Young Kyu, Sang Ok and Min Kyu (youngest). Dong Kyu is working man and carrying the responsibility as the eldest in his family. He's in-love with Yoon Su Kyung (his co-worker). They work together to overcome all the difficulties to get married. Young Kyu dreams of nothing but money and marrying a rich girl on day. While serving in the military, he tricked a naive country girl Mi Sook who he promised to marry her. Mi Sook becomes blinded by love and provided all his needs. Sang Ok is the only girl in the family. She's a colleague student. Their youngest Min Kyu is a quiet and introvert son. He distances himself from his family and people because he's troubled by the fact that he's from another mother. Though he's a talented painter, he doesn't use his talent much. His brother Young Kyu and the rich girl Shi Yeon always stand by his side and pushes him to be better.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 1997

Genre: Drama; melodrama;

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