Wild Bloom (2022)

Wild Bloom (2022)

Other name: 风吹半夏 風吹半夏 野蛮生长 野蠻生長 不得往生 Ye Man Sheng Zhang Feng Chui Ban Xia Bu De Wang Sheng Дикое цветение


During the 1990s, Xu Ban Xia is a woman with vision and strength who overcomes many obstacles in the male-dominated steel industry to carve out a place for herself. Xu Ban Xia's mother died during childbirth while her father never cared for her. In spite of this, Xu Ban Xia has grown tough, proud and fearless in the face of challenges.

Xu Ban Xia and her good friends Xiao Chen and Tong Xiao Qi venture into the transport of scrap steel. In an industry where men have an absolute advantage, Xu Ban Xia relies on her adventurous spirit and pragmatic attitude to weather many untold hardships and even survives death. She eventually opens up an international steel import business. Xu Banxia develops a keen sense for the market to gradually expands their business, pushing herself to grow in her field while also finding love.

Adapted from the novel "Bu De Wang Sheng" (不得往生) by A Nai (阿耐).

Original Network: iQiyi; ZJTV; JSTV;

Director: Fu Dong Yu [傅东育] and Mao Wei [毛溦]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Business; Drama; Friendship; Novel; Romance; Workplace;

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