Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite

Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite

Other name: 私という運命について All About My Destiny


It was the year 1993, a couple of years after Japan's economy bubble burst. Life was tough for Fuyuki Aki, as she tried to prove herself in a society where men were still favored over women for promotions and even in simple things like regular permanent jobs, the women were often passed over for men. Amidst all her struggles and frustrations in her job, her ex-boyfriend Sato Yasushi, who happened to be her colleague, announced his upcoming marriage to the girl from the admin department. Aki had broken up with Yasushi two years ago, as she had despaired over her career in the male-dominated company, feeling helpless thinking about her futile efforts to progress her career. Her anger at her situation transformed into anger at all men, which in turn caused her to disregard Yasushi's feelings. Unexpectedly, Yasushi's announcement made her felt out of sorts.

On the day of the wedding, at the entrance welcoming the guests was Yasushi's mother, Sachiko. Aki had gotten on very well with Sachiko back when she was dating Yasushi, but since their break-up 2 years ago, she had lost all contact with her. On that day, Sachiko had pressed a letter into her hands while they were greeting each other. In it Sachiko wrote, "I had believed that you and I were bound by fate. Aki-san, why did you make the wrong move?"

For women, love, marriage, children, and death... in a time of upheavals, Aki had turned her back on all these things. Be it a beautiful or harsh fate, she chose to create her own destiny.

Based on the novel "Watashi to Iu Unmei ni Tsuite" by Kazufumi Shiraishi.

Director: Takimoto Tomoyuki [瀧本智行] and Noda Kenta [野田健太]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama;

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