Voice of Love (2021)

Voice of Love (2021)

Other name: 声恋时代 Sheng Lian Shi Dai


The drama is about a girl, He Zhao Zhao, whose destiny was altered the moment she had a car accident. When she was in distress, she heard a very nice voice encouraging her to support herself. In order to find this voice, He Zhao Zhao searched various voice channels on the Internet, and joined the dubbing club "Sound Love Studio" by chance, and met two great god-level figures Fang Xin Chen and Su Mo Sheng. With the development of the dubbing industry, He Zhao Zhao's dream is also closely connected with everyone in the studio.

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Romance;

Airs: Apr 09, 2021

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