Unemployed Romance

Unemployed Romance

Other name: 실업급여 로맨스 Sileobgeubyeo Lomaenseu


Seung Hee dreams of becoming a drama series writer, but she currently works writing for a third-rate base-on-a-true story reality show. The program then gets canned. Making things worse for Seung Hee, the president of the production company runs off with her car.

Seung Hee now doesn't know where to look for a job. She decides to go to the employment service center to apply for unemployment assistance. At the center, she meets Jong Dae who works as a temp there. Jong Dae is her first love. They first met during her freshman year at college and dated for 7 years before breaking up. Since then, they have become hostile to each other. While they argue with each other like old times, they begin to feel their love for each other rekindle.

Director: Choi Do Hoon [최도훈]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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