True Colours

True Colours

Other name: 嘉人本色 Jia Ren Ben Se


Lu Jiajia and Nian Mengyu were childhood 'friends'. After graduating from high school, they both went to the same medical university in Shanghai. Niang Mengyu is a financial genius. Through his economic acumen and family connections, he starts a business in school. The money-obsessed Lu Jiajia who has been scrimping and saving just to buy her long-distance boyfriend a cellphone ends up having to work for him. When Lu Jiajia eventually saw through her relationship, she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Nian Mengyu becomes attracted to the school beauty Sun Xiaohui without realizing that she's playing him for a fool. At this time, Lu Jiajia's senior Jiang Feng starts to fall for her. Nian Mengyu also begins to realize his feelings for Lu Jaijia. Due to the accidental onslaught of SARS, the three have to live together. The reason why Lu jiajia and Nian Mengyu have been the 'worst' friends for so many years comes to light.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Childhood; Drama; Friendship; life; Romance;

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