Thief Actor (2018)

Thief Actor (2018)

Other name: 泥棒役者 Dorobou Yakusha The Stand-In Thief


Onuki Hajime was a thief, but he now works as a welder and lives happily with his girlfriend. Hajime Onuki is threatened by a former partner in crime. He forces Onuki Hajime to break into the mansion of a picture book writer to steal. He is caught by others while in the act, but they keep mistaking him for someone else. Hajime desperately keeps up the ruse to not get caught.

~~ Based on the play “Dorobou Yakusha” which was written and directed by Masafumi Nishida. The play was performed in 2006.

Director: Nishida Masafumi [西田征史]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Comedy; life; Romance;

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