The Rebellious Princess (2023)

The Rebellious Princess (2023)

Other name: 奈何公主不好惹 Nai He Gong Zhu Bu Hao Re Мятежная принцесса


The eldest princess Bao Zhu escaped from the imperial palace, and the emperor ordered Shen Yi of the Yinyao Sect to search for it with all his might. Surprisingly, after the princess left the palace, she formed a bond with a commoner named Jin Jiu.

While Shen Yi wanted to bring her back, the princess used her life as leverage, swearing to stay by Jin Jiu’s side. Shen Yi had no choice but to take Jin Jiu under the wing of the Yinyao Sect, making him a palace eunuch to accompany the princess at all times.

Under the protection of the eldest princess, Jin Jiu entered the palace in the guise of a fake eunuch but a real man.

Jin Jiu had long planned to reunite with the princess, all for the sake of an old matter from many years ago…

(Source: Cpophome)

Episodes: 12

Original Network: Mango TV;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Historical; Romance; Web Series;

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