The Outsiders (2018)

The Outsiders (2018)

Other name: 鬥魚 斗鱼 鬥魚電影版 斗鱼电影版 Dou Yu Fighting Fish Movie Version Betta Fish Изгои


A heartbreaking love story between a model student and a delinquent. There's a type of fish that are beautiful to look at but naturally territorial and can only be raised in isolation.

Pei Yu Yen has her whole life ahead of her. Raised in a sheltered environment by her father who is a professor, she is prim and proper and typical good student. However, her life is akin to a canary bird in a cage until the day she met Yu Hao. He is boy caught in a brawl with gangsters on the street. He is the boy who rushed into the classroom to thank her. He is the boy who stopped the bus to give her a love letter. They may be further apart than any two people in the world, but he cannot resist the urge to reach out to her to see her smile again.

Adapted from the novel "Daisy" (小雛菊) by Lo Hsin (洛心).

Director: Ke Han Chen [柯翰辰] and Hu Yuan Ning [胡遠寧]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Action; Crime; Novel; Romance; Youth;

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