The Mystic Nine (2016)

The Mystic Nine (2016)

Other name: 老九门 老九門 盗墓笔记前传老九门 盜墓筆記前傳老九門 Lao Jiu Men Old Nine Gates Old Nine Door Мистическая девятка Ինը հին դարպասներ


On the eve of the Battle of ChangSha, a mysterious train is travelling with the male lead Zhang Qishan in it. As the story goes on, Zhang Qishan with the help of his newly made friend ErYue Hong finds a tomb with a big secret. (Oh, and they both fall in love with the female leads) Both are part of the Old Nine Gates, a group composed of nine members. They off play the Japanese people before the Battle of Changsha and saved hundred of lives. At the end, an epic battle happens between the troops led by Zhang Qishan and the Japanese invaders.

Original Network: iQiyi; Dragon TV;

Director: Leung Sing Kuen [梁胜权], Wong Chun Man [黄俊文], Sam Ho [何澍培], Zou Xi [邹曦]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Action; Adventure; Bromance; Military; Mystery; political; Supernatural;

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