The Man Standing Next

The Man Standing Next

Other name: 남산의 부장들 南山的部長們 Namsanui Bujangdeul Chiefs of Namsan


In the 1970s, Korea is under the absolute control of President Park who controls the KCIA, the organization with an edge over any branch of government. The director of KCIA, Kim Gyu Pyung, is the seemingly most prospective second-in-command. In the midst of the reign of fear, a former KCIA director, Park Yong Gak who knows all about the government’s obscure operations, exiles to the U.S. where the investigation of ‘Koreagate’ is underway. As the tension escalates, the stifling political maneuvering by all second-in-command’s unfolds.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action; Drama; political;

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