The Lover of the First Emperor (1995)

The Lover of the First Emperor (1995)

Other name: 秦始皇的情人 秦始皇與阿房女 The Lover of Emperor Qin Shihuang


Historians know Qin Shi Huang as a cruel tyrant, but few know of his heartfelt love for a medicine girl named A Feng. They met when he was still Yin Zheng, a downtrodden hostage prince in Handan. She took care of him, and their feelings grew to the point that they were willing to die for one another. After Yin Zheng returned to his country and his political influence grew, he found it increasingly difficult to hold onto to the woman he loved. For A Feng’s part, she became fearful of the man her A Zheng had become.

Original Network: TTV;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1995

Genre: Drama; Historical; Romance;

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