Eternal Brotherhood (2024)

Eternal Brotherhood (2024)

Other name: 紫川 紫川之光明王 紫川·光明三杰 Zi Chuan Zi Chuan Zhi Guang Ming Wang The King of Light in Zi Chuan Purple River The King of Light in Zichuan Вечное братство


Set in the turbulent land of Zichuan, where the clans of Zichuan and Sairong are engaged in intense warfare. Zichuan Xiu, stationed at the border, returns to the capital with remarkable military achievements, bringing a momentary peace to his homeland. However, new challenges arise as Yang Minghua, a prominent court official with sinister intentions, launches a rebellion. Zichuan Xiu, along with his sworn brothers Di Lin and Si Yi Lin, take action to eliminate the threat and restore tranquillity to Zichuan. Yet, as the dust settles, the aggressive Sairong officially declares war on Zichuan.

(Source: iQiyi)

Adapted from the novel "Purple River" (紫川) by Lao Zhu (老猪).

Episodes: 24

Duration: 45 min.

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Jin Sha [金沙], Zhang Meng [张萌] and Wei Li Zhou [卫立洲]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Friendship; Historical; Novel; political; Power Struggle; Sci-fi; Teamwork; War;

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