The Fallen Bridge (2022)

The Fallen Bridge (2022)

Other name: 断桥 斷橋 断·桥 斷·橋 世外桃源 Duan Qiao Xanadu Broken Bridge Упавший мост


When the Zhongnan Bridge suddenly collapses, a human skeleton emerges from the bridge pier. To trace the cause of her father's death, Wen Xiao Yu, the daughter of the deceased, is assisted by a boy who calls himself Meng Chao, and together they embark on a quest for truth and revenge. Gradually, they discover that Wen Xiao Yu's adoptive father Zhu Fang Zheng is hiding a shocking secret behind his death.

Director: Li Yu [李玉]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Crime; Drama; Mystery;

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