The Devil Wears Ju-Ni Hitoe Kimono (2020)

The Devil Wears Ju-Ni Hitoe Kimono (2020)

Other name: 十二単衣を着た悪魔 Junihitoe wo Kita Akuma The Devil Wears Juni-Hitoe Kimono


Rai keeps failing to find a regular job. He works on setting up an exhibition for classic novel "The Tale of Genji" as a part-time laborer. At the exhibition, he listens to the narration about younger brother Ninomiya and older brother Ichinomiya from "The Tale of Genji." Rai can relate to the story. His younger brother is smart and handsome, but Rai is unable to find a regular job. His inferiority complex about his younger brother gets worse.

On the way back home, he hears that his younger brother has passed his medical school entrance exams. Rai decides to wander around his neighborhood, without going home. At that time, he sees a strange light and is sucked into the light. When he wakes up, Rai finds himself in the Heian period, which is the setting for the novel "The Tale of Genji." He learns about the Heian period from a pamphlet he picked up at the exhibition. He introduces himself as Onmyoji Raimei Ito. Thanks to a headache pill he has on him, he is hired as an onmyoji by the emperor’s wife Nyogo Kokiden. She is a fearless woman and coldly analytical in her actions. She desires to have her son take the emperor's position.

Director: Kuroki Hitomi [黒木瞳]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Historical; Novel;

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