The Dearest Lady (2015)

The Dearest Lady (2015)

Other name: 최고의 연인 Choigoui Yeonin The Greatest Couple Best Lovers Best Couple The Best Lover


An upbeat family-oriented TV miniseries with a mishmash of different generations and different attitudes towards relationships. The difficulties that arise between mother and daughter mostly due to the men they are having a relationship with becomes the central plot that illustrates the challenges that single moms and divorcees face in today’s society. Their lives and the lives of the people they are connected to are depicted in a way that viewers can relate to through a fuzzy warm feeling called love.

Original Network: MBC;

Director: Choi Chang Wook [최창욱] and Choi Joon Bae [최준배]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Family; melodrama; Romance;

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