The Couple (2014)

The Couple (2014)

Other name: รัก ลวง หลอน


In the return match at the beginning of married life with a detour Kan hopes to build a small family with a start of horror stories. When Sam found dead sister of Sita Kan himself inside his home. Everyone concluded that Sita committed suicide, though no one knows the original cause of her sudden decision like this.

But later that day Om began to feel unwell. Body that used to be their demonic possession to Sita. Hope uncovering clues and avenge the death of all the people involved. Indirect change to a different person in a daze of Mr. Kan, including the eldest brother and the second device and husband of Sita.

Kan think ill pass But any treatment was futile even trying to help Sam Kan much. The more revealed the dark secrets of the family, the two brothers conceal it is.

Puzzle Sita's death brings the horror that reveals another side of her, terrible. When blood brothers become like strangers. Even a spouse can not be sure anymore that there is a 'people' person, old or not... It's time for everyone to choose sides!

Director: Pongchaiphat Sethanand [พงษ์ชัยพัฒน์ เศรษฐนันท์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Horror;

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