The Contact (1997)

The Contact (1997)

Other name: 접속 接続 ザ・コンタクト 傷心街角戀人 Jeobsok Jeopsok Cheob-sok Connection Связь


The male radio presenter Dong Hyun and the female TV home-shopping phone operator Soo Hyun are both lonely. While Dong Hyun is focused on getting back to his ex-girlfriend Young Hae who has sent him a special LP, Soo Hyun is crazy for her friend's boyfriend. Via the Internet and music Soo Hyun and Dong Hyun get together in a special way.

(Source: Written by Marco Radke)

Director: Chang Yoon Hyeon [장윤현]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 1997

Genre: Drama; life; Musical; Romance;

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