The Blessed Girl (2021)

The Blessed Girl (2021)

Other name: 玲珑 Ling Long


Shrouded in mystery, the continent of Suchuan exists a land of legend and lore. Once a beautiful place of peace and prosperity, it has since become a bleak land torn apart by division and chaos. Growing up in this land of misery, a young monarch by the name of Yuan Yi (Lin Yi) ascends to the throne. With his position as king firmly established, he vows to put an end to the troubles that plague his people.

Believing that the source of his kingdom’s troubles stems from the legendary falling of the gods, Yuan Yi takes it upon himself to find the one with enough spiritual power to restore the fallen gods of old. With rumors circulating of one in possession of such power, Yuan Yi disguises himself as a commoner and sets out in search of the only one strong enough to fight back the evil that plagues his lands. Following the rumors and whispers of his people to a remote village, Yuan Yi meets Ling Long, a young girl in possession of incredible spiritual power, and her father Huo Tu Xin. Convinced Ling Long is the one he’s been searching for, he asks her and her father to join him on a quest to save Suchuan.

Agreeing to his request, the Ling Long and her father join Yuan Yi, setting out together on a perilous journey to save their world from the evil forces bent on its destruction. In an age-old battle between good and evil, will the efforts of this intrepid trio be enough to usher in a new era of peace?

Director: Shi Lei [施磊]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Adventure; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Web Series;

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