Steel Cold Winter (2013)

Steel Cold Winter (2013)

Other name: 소녀 Girl Sonyeo


Hae Won lives in a mountain town with her mentally ill father. Many strange rumors surround her and her father, both of whom are treated as outcasts in this small cold town.

Yoon Soo has just moved to town from Seoul and still hasn't gotten over the suicide of his friend.

At school, he meets Hae Won and they become drawn to each other, two lonely souls carrying dark secrets over thin ice.

Choi Jin Sung directs Steel Cold Winter, an indie drama about youth romance, trauma and social malaise that boils to shocking violence in a remote town. Premiered at the 2013 Busan Film Festival.

Director: Choi Jin Seong [최진성]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Mystery; Psychological; Romance; Thriller; Tragedy;

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