Spring of the Cottonwood Flowers (2007)

Spring of the Cottonwood Flowers (2007)

Other name: Mu Mian Hua De Chun Tian , Kapok Spring, 木棉花的春天


Pei Yun is a talented violinist and the only daughter of wealthy business tycoon Mu Tian Hong. One day she is abducted by bandits during an outing with friends and is saved by Ye Yao Hua, a kind-hearted tea farmer. The two fall in love, but Pei Yun's prideful father wants her to wed her well-to-do cousin Mu Li Qun, who also loves Pei Yun. However, the strong-willed Pei Yun insists on marrying Yao Hua. On the day of Pei Yun and Yao Hua's highly publicized engagement ceremony, Li Qun hires someone to bump Yao Hua's motorbike cart off a cliff. In addition to Yao Hua and his mother, the cart was also carrying Zou Ping Wei and Fang Ru Han, a loving couple offered a ride by Yao Hua to attend their daughter Xiao Die's violin competition. As a result of the accident, Ping Wei became paralyzed from the waist down while Ru Han was diagnosed with leukemia. In order to help take care of the ill-fated Zou family, Yao Hua would frequently come in contact with Ru Han, inciting gossip amongst the neighbors. Li Qun takes advantage of the situation to perpetuate misunderstandings between Yao Hua and Pei Yun.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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