Snow Flower (JP 2019)

Snow Flower (JP 2019)

Other name: 雪の華 Yuki no Hana


Miyuki Hirai has always been physically weak, even as a child. One day, she receives a terminal diagnosis stating that she'll be dying soon. Miyuki Hirai still dreams of going to Finland to see the Northern Lights. One day, Miyuki Hirai is the victim of a theft. She can't make a sound and drops down to the floor. At that moment, Yusuke Watabiki appears in front of her. Yusuke Watabiki is a honest and blunt young man who aims to become a glass craftsman. ~~ The adaptation movie based on Nakashima Mika's hit song "Yuki no Hana", shot in Finland.

Director: Hashimoto Kojiro [橋本光二郎]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Romance; Tragedy;

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