Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku (2024)

Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku (2024)

Other name: 社内処刑人 ~彼女は敵を消していく~ ゃないしょけいにんかのじょはてきをけしていくぶんさつばん In-House Executioner


Honoka Asami, a pure but plain and introverted temporary office worker, is forced to work in a company where harassment is rampant and has nothing to do but endure.

Fukase Nozomi, a new beautiful employee, stands out at work, catching the eyes of senior employees, and then she becomes close to Asami also deeply resonates with each other. After meeting and becoming close to Nozomi, Honoka gradually begins to feel that every day is fun.

Meanwhile, a senior employee who had been harassing Honoka was forced to resign due to an incident that occurred in the company, causing a commotion. But that was just the beginning!

(Source: Anyyy)

Adapted from the manga series "Shanai Shokeinin: Kanojo wa Teki wo Keshite Iku" (社内処刑人 ~彼女は敵を消していく~) by Tanaka Tomo (タナカトモ) and Tsukasaki Yu (つかさき有).

Episodes: 10

Aired On: Friday

Original Network: Kansai TV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Drama; Manga; Revenge; Suspense; Thriller;

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