Secret Door (2023)

Secret Door (2023)

Other name: 隱門 隐门 十八年后的终极告白3.0 Jan Mun Yin Men Hidden Door


Zhong Zi Kiu and Cheung Sam Yue are childhood friends who have taken very different paths because of crimes committed by each other's fathers. After her father was imprisoned, Yue changed her name and surname, hoping to have a new life. Even if she got married and had a daughter, she never mentioned her past, vowing to not repeat the mistakes of the previous generation, and chooses to be an insurance investigator as a career.

The two hadn't seen each other for a long time, but they met again because of a 10 million life insurance. Yue's husband Yin Hao Ran died unexpectedly, but the insurance amount was increased a few months before his death, and knowing Yue's life before the accident happened, Kiu suspected that it was not an accident. But what is the truth?

Original Network: Youku; TVB Jade;

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Suspense; Thriller;

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