Reality Check (2013)

Reality Check (2013)

Other name: 心路GPS Xin Lu GPS Sum Lou GPS Road Heart GPS Navigating Love Испытание реальностью


Senior television director HA YAT CHEUNG (Ruco Chan) is preparing to shoot an all new reality TV show, documenting HK youth CHEUNG CHUN KIT's (Hero Yuen) experience of going from city life back to village life in Mainland. Because the lack of staff at the TV station, CHEUNG hired HUI MEI FUNG (Priscilla Wong) to be the assistant director and asked good friend LEUNG CHUN SHUN (Evergreen Mak) to help with the filming. During the filming process, the crew witnessed how the HK youth master representative overcomes cultural differences in the village and changes in his personal character. The blind spots in their lives slowly unfolds as the reality show goes on. Just like the subjective and stubborn CHEUNG re-examined the love and hate between his adopted mother LAU CHUI WAN (Louise Lee) and biological mother HA SIU LAN (Rebecca Chan). The hardworking and good faith MEI FUN works nonstop just because of her dignity and to recover her lost paternal love. The 'big man' CHUN SHUN and his family went through mass destruction… how will this clever director bring everyone out of their distressed lives?

Original Network: TVB Jade;

Director: Wong Wai Yip [黄伟业], Jeng Wing Chiu [郑永潮], Chang Yung Hao [张永豪]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama;

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