Other name: 神童 , Genius Wonder Child , Shindou , Shindo


Naruse Uta is a "unique" 13-year-old child. She possessed the talent to read sheet music even before she could speak but has now come to the point where she hates playing the piano. Her father was also a piano virtuoso but mysteriously disappeared from her life at a young age. Because of her father's disappearance, Uta's mother had to move out of their posh home and into a far modest working-class neighbourhood. In this working-class neighbourhood, there is a local grocer. The grocer's son, Kikuna Oto, happens to be a budding musician but lacks the drive to truly succeed. That is until Uta Naruse comes into his life.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Drama; Music;

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