Princess of Lanling King

Princess of Lanling King

Other name: 蘭陵王妃 兰陵王妃 The Princess of Orchid Hills The Return of the Masked Beauty Lán Líng Wáng Fēi The Princess of Lan Ling


Princess of Lanling King tells about the legend of the Qingluan mirror and Lican sword which is said to be able reunite the country when possessed by the owner. The items once formerly owned by the Dragon Sect are now lost. Before the demise of the Dragon Sect leader, the information regarding the location of these heirlooms is handed down to the only remaining maiden-Duan Mu Ling. She is told by her master that she is not to give away the location to anyone as it could in the wrong hands bring about chaos. Upon the death of her master, she goes in search of the lost mirror and sword under the guise of the high official from the Northern Zhou Court Si Kong’s wife’s niece. During her journey she comes across the Prince Gao Chang Gong (a.k.a Prince of Orchid Hills) and Yu Wen Yong. Her romance blooms with both and she must choose who to help and who to love

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Historical;

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