Pinku to Gure (2016)

Pinku to Gure (2016)

Other name: ピンクとグレー 紅的告別式 Pink and Gray Pink & Gray


Rengo Shiraki, a popular movie star, is found dead-along with a suicide note-by his best friend, Daiki Kawada, a struggling actor who dreams of achieving the fame and fortune Rengo has enjoyed. The suicide note prompts Daiki to write and publish Rengo's biography, the success of which unwittingly throws Daiki into the limelight. Struggling to come to terms with Rengo's suicide as well as with fame he can not really call his own, Daiki sets out to discover the truth behind his friend's death.

Director: Yukisada Isao [行定 勲]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Bromance; Childhood; Drama; Friendship; Mature; Novel; Psychological; Romance; Youth;

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