Pandora 2016

Pandora 2016

Other name: 판도라


A nuclear power plant is built in a peaceful small town in South Korea. All residents praise the nuclear power station for bringing new jobs and life to the quiet town except Jae Hyuk who lost his father and a brother due to coolant exposure an accident while working on the nuclear power plant. But now, he is forced to work in the station against his will. The nuclear power plant gradually corrodes, and one day, with an unexpected earthquake, old pipes in the nuclear power plant break and hydrogen gas explode. To stop the atomic explosion, Jae Hyuk goes into the nuclear power plant to save his beloved people. Will he save the ones he loves from the disaster? Will he come back alive?

Director: Park Jeong Woo [박정우]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Corruption; Disaster; Drama; Thriller; Tragedy;

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