Pale Moon (2014)

Pale Moon (2014)

Other name: 紙の月 종이의 달 紙之月


A housewife named Rika Umezawa gets a part-time job at a bank in which she’s responsible for traveling to customers’ homes and collecting their deposits. In spite of receiving positive evaluations from her boss and customers alike for her courteousness and work ethic, she begins to feel a void in her life. Her husband seems to be losing interest in her and the two of them have been gradually drifting apart.

Soon, she engages in an affair with a university student named Kota and begins embezzling money from the bank customers’ deposits she’s responsible for collecting. As she spends more time with Kota and away from her husband, her theft escalates rapidly in order to fund her trysts as well as her newfound addiction to shopping.

Director: Yoshida Daihachi [吉田大八]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Novel; Romance;

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