Only If I Love You

Only If I Love You

Other name: 如果我愛你 如果我爱你 Queen of SOP 3 Queen of SOP III


Adam Bell [Mingdao] and his brother Su Wei, and als his mother helped friends in Italy and jointly operate the winery. They participate in the Shanghai World English Wine Dealers and meet someone, they recognize him as a friend and Adam Bell invest in wineries, but his girlfriend love Adam Bell, but Adam did'nt think more.his friend is jealous of Adam Bell and harm Adam Bell, also buy grapes and make Adam Bell unemployment.Adam Bell wanted to find a job but accidentally put his company. Adam Bell enemy very surprised to find that Adam Bell actually lost his brother last year. Fear of losing the right of inheritance, it has been he wants to destroy Adam Bell but suddenly he found that he was suffering from leukemia.fortunately Adam Bell his donat bone marrow to save his brother, and eventually they get to know each other. Because girlfriend his brother loves Adam so that Adam chose to leave his brother, and returned to Italy to continue his career as a winemaker.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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